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Maharashtra Frequent Entrance Check: Over 40000 Pune Students Take MH-CET, Say Easiest Examination Ever

Maharashtra Frequent Entrance Check: Over 40000 Pune Students Take MH-CET, Say Easiest Examination Ever

Nervous jitters before the Maharashtra Widespread Entrance Test (MH-CET) on Thursday made method for broad smiles as students popping out of the exam centres called the entrance exams ‘one of the best’ they've taken. As many as ninety six per cent of the forty seven,398 students from Pune district, who had registered for the MH-CET, appeared for the exams Thursday.

This year, at least 14 per cent more candidates had registered for MH-CET in the state and the total number of candidates in Maharashtra was over 4.three lakh. MH-CET exams are a gateway for admissions to engineering, pharmacy, agriculture and resort management schools in Maharashtra.

Tutors agreed with students and said the entrance exam was easy. "Really, that is the primary yr when the entrance exam had both the syllabus of Class XI and Class XII, compared to previous years when it was only Class XII syllabus. That’s why we thought the paper may be lengthy or tough for students, nevertheless it was not at all like that. The papers were straightforward, all my students stated they had ample time to attempt all questions as there was no negative marking.

Unlike NEET, where students had been tense because of the strict safety preparations, students were relaxed even though satisfactory safety measures were taken. Students sitting in the same class bought totally different sets of question papers, which means no two students sitting close to each other had the identical set, which was satisfactory safety association to make sure copying-free assessments," stated Dilip Shah, who runs Science Academy.

IIT Pratishthan Kendra’s Durgesh Mangeshkar mentioned the exam MBA Admission 2018 wasn’t half as difficult because the joint entrance examination (JEE) Mains. "It is most likely the best engineering entrance exam paper and the easiest MH-CET ever conducted. There have been barely any conceptual questions and almost all questions had been data-based mostly or formulation-based," he said.

Students stated that they had no issues finishing the exam in time since most questions required minimal calculation.
"The chemistry, maths and biology sections were very easy. There were a couple of questions in physics that took time but even then, we could end everything throughout the deadline. I've been solving the previous few years’ query papers and relatively, as we speak’s test was very straightforward," stated Madhura Kunjir, a candidate.